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25 Types of Kurtis For Indian Women to Look Better

Kurti is a must-have outfit for all Indian women irrespective of age and occasion. Have you ever wondered from where this Kurti evolve? If so, get a glimpse here.

Even though it is named traditional wear, now Kurti is much more than a modern outfit. Because of its high comfortability to wear, every age group of females prefers Kurti over any other outfit.

You will not baffle much to spot a Kurti for yourself in the Indian market that suits your character and attitude.

From plain straight Kurti to flared Anarkali, Kurti will surely mesmerize any lady. Stylish Kurtis comes with beautiful designs and color combinations.

The truth is that not only do Indians prefer Kurti, but even foreigners also use Kurti nowadays. It has become a style statement these days.

Types of Kurtis

So, Why people all around the world are so crazy about Kurti? The first and foremost reason is the comfort it provides while wearing it for long hours.

Who doesn’t love an outfit that doesn’t irritate you or gives you a confident feel?

Then comes the fashion. Yes, It’s one of the top fashion outfits in India and, hence all women prefer to style them with Kurti.

Next is the variety of designs and models Kurtis has. You may stumble to hear that a single Kurti can be styled in multiple ways. And, that too provides a different outlook.

That’s another topic to discuss and, if you want to know that, have a look at this. So now, let us discuss 25 different types of Kurtis in a trend that is available in the market.

Different Types of Kurtis?

Denim Kurti

Kurtis made of denim material is highly on demand among youngsters and ladies.

Rather than youngsters, ladies of age between 30-40 prefer denim Kurtis. So that, it gives ladies young look and confidence.

The plus point of denim Kurti is that it provides a look like western wear when worn with shorts underneath.

Embroidered denim Kurti is also a women’s favorite as it gives a traditional look to the western model Kurti.

Reversible Kurti

It is something new to market these days and is largely accepted by the customers. It is a Kurti that can be worn even if it is turned inside out.

Usually, we only wear a Kurti once and, its inside area will be with all stitching, which usually will not be seen outside.

But here, the inside part of Kurti will be another Kurti when you turn inside out. It means you get to wear two Kurti if you buy one.

Kaftan Style Kurti

Another highly demanded types of Kurtis among women are Kaftan Kurti. It looks like you have covered yourself with a shawl of even bedsheet at a glance.

But it has belts to fit your body shape, and the sleeves will be super loose and flowy. This model is super comfortable to wear and found worn by Muslim women in north India.

But now, irrespective of caste and region, Kaftan style Kurti is trending in the fashion industry.

High low Kurti

This type of Kurti helps to create an indo-western look for the person wearing it. Hence this is widely used among college students and office-going ladies.

It is designed in a way, that the front portion of the Kurti will be slightly short in length and the back portion will be longer.

So in the front view, you could see the backside of Kurti when the front portion is low. It is commonly seen worn along with shorts, jeans pants, and leggings.

Shirt Kurti

As I said earlier about denim Kurti, this shirt Kurti is also somewhat highly preferred by youngsters. You can wear it without wearing the lower portion to give a dress-style look.

It looks like a shirt that comes up to, slightly below the knees. Along with the pockets in the chest area, it provides a trendy look to the person wearing it.

This Kurti comes with a collar.

Anarkali Kurti

Another favorite type of Kurtis for all women in India is Anarkali Model Kurti. This model has flares below the waist and is the super cool and stylish model of Kurti.

It is widely used on festive occasions. But ladies prefer it all time because of its comfortability. Anarkali Kurtis is usually worn with palazzo pants and leggings.

This style of Kurti suits mostly pear-shaped and hourglass-shaped people. When paired with suitable jewelry, the outlook Anarkali gives a woman is super gorgeous.

Asymmetric Kurti

Another trendsetter model in Kurti is asymmetric Kurti, which is widely used on all festivals by young ladies.

Here the hemline will be curvy at the ends, and it will be inwards in the middle. For some others, it can be sliding from one side to another.

It is an all-time favorite Kurti model for most celebrities to make them stand out from the crowd.

They are usually made of soft materials, and hence the hemline flowing in the air while walking is a style factor.

Kurti with Jacket

Kurti along with a jacket is preferred by almost all age group women. A jacket helps one to avoid the usage of a dupatta.

So, when it adds elegance to your look, who hesitate to try on a Kurti with a jacket? You can bring wide varieties in the jacket design to make them look different.

Embroidered and sequin jackets are mostly preferred these days. Jackets can be attached to Kurti or worn separately. Separate jackets help one to pair it with other Kurtis too.

Kurtis can be paired with leggings or jeans to create a western look.

Gown Style Kurti

Another trendy model of Kurti is Gown type Kurti which adds more beauty to anyone wearing it. It looks like a skirt and blouse stitched together.

It is super stylish and, the color combinations and flares add beauty to the Kurti. It is more of a party wear type of Kurti with floor length and, simple models are also coming these days into the fashion world.

When with a simple design and normal flare, this Kurti provides an Indo western look.

C – Cut Kurti

Another commonly seen model of Kurti is a combined form of Anarkali and high low Kurti. Here the front hemline will be upper when compared to the back and, there will be no slit for the Kurti.

It is ideally suitable for tall people with a slim waist because it adds a voluminous look to the person wearing it.

Women commonly pair it with designer pants or ankle-length leggings so that the view goes to their legs.

Layered Kurti

This type of Kurti has flares from the neck of the Kurti. It is also now circling in the Indian fashion industry among youngsters. Layered Kurtis is made in both short and long lengths.

When paired with a proper bottom wear, no one will recognize the outfit as a Kurti. Hence it is more of a stylish outfit rather than naming it as Kurti.

Commonly seen worn along with jeans and cigarette pants.

A-line Kurti

It is a much favorable Kurti among women on the heavier side, of all age groups. It helps them to create an illusion of a slim body, hence highly preferred by many women.

The Kurti has mostly no slit and, it flares down the waistline, which creates a look that will be in the shape of alphabet A, hence got the name, A-line Kurti.

Depending upon the customer’s wish, the length can be changed to below knees or ankle length.

When paired with leggings on cigarette pants, this model of Kurti provides an elongated look.

Front – Slit Kurti

It is another trendiest model of Kurti widely used by all age groups of women. This model has the slits on the center of the Kurti, unlike side slits in normal Kurtis, just below the chest.

It gives a variety to the outlook when paired with proper bottom wear. It gives an Indo -western look when worn with pants or jeans, while traditional look with skirts.

It is a Highly demanding model in the present fashion world.

Angrakha Kurti

This type of Kurti evolved from the style of dress musicians used to wear in earlier days.

It looks like a major portion of cloth is pinned to another side of the body and decorated with pom-poms or other tassels.

This Kurti will provide you with a proper ethnic look. If you wish to style yourself for a change, it’s the best choice.

It is best suited for younger to middle-aged women. The plus point of this model of Kurti is that it suits all body types. And also can be worn on all occasions depending upon the designs added to it.

Printed Kurti

An all-time favorite Kurti of all women is, printed Kurti. It is the basic model of Kurti with not many fancy designs. It is highly preferred by people, those who wish a simple style.

Different prints in different colors make the Kurti attractive and, if someone wants to convert it into party wear, choose suitable bottom wear like sharara pants.

Depending upon the bottom wear choose, the overall outlook changes.

Tunic Kurti

This model is a combination of traditional and contemporary touches. It suits all body types and has a wide demand in the market.

It is commonly used with jeans as bottom wear by a younger group of people for daily wear, because it is highly stylish and comfortable.

Pairing them with flared skirts gives you a traditional look. When accessorized with proper jewelry, Tunic Kurti will change the complete look of any woman.

Overlay style Kurti

This type of modern Kurtis is made of chiffon, or satin or georgette materials to give a flowy appearance.

They are multilayered with a top layer having embroidered designs or any embellishments over an inner material.

It usually suits young to middle-aged women during party occasions. As the model is a fit and flare style, it’s better suited for hourglass body type people.

Long Straight Kurti

This model is a straight cut with slits, and the Kurti length will be up to the ankle. This type of Kurti is found mostly in cotton material.

It suits best for long people. But shorter people also wear it with ankle-length leggings and jeans.

Almost all women in India own at least a single model of this Kurti as it adds elegance to your look.

It suits women of all age groups and depending upon the fabric used. This Kurti can be chosen as daily wear.

Dhoti style Kurti

It is currently in trend in the Indian market but not so commonly worn by women. It is a mix of asymmetric Kurti and high low Kurti.

If you want to be noticed by people at any event, then Dhoti Style Kurti is the best choice. It provides a variety of outlook to the person wearing it.

It is best suited for tall people with an hourglass body type. People with pear-shaped bodies better stay away from this model as it bulks up your look.

Tiered Kurti

It is an all-time favorite model for almost all young girls and middle-aged women in India. They come without slits and with tiers having different colors.

The Layers add beauty to the look of the person wearing them. Hence, this is an all-time favorite, especially for pear-shaped body type people.

The thing to keep in mind while choosing a tired dress is the finishing of its stitching. If that is not proper, the dress will look trash. It is commonly worn along with leggings.

Floor Length Kurti

Another party wear kind of Kurti similar to Anarkali Kurti, but with fewer flares. The peculiarity of this Kurti is its length which is floor touching. They mostly come without slits.

The person who wears Floor Length Kurti should wear heels to balance the look. But this is a must-try piece if you don’t own one.

It is best suited for young to middle-aged women when paired with leggings or palazzos.

Double layered Kurti

This model is similar to the normal long Kurti but has an additional layer on the hemline.

It provides a beautiful look to the person wearing it. It’s a party wear kind of Kurti suiting all age group women.

But I suggest people on the heavier side avoid trying this because it adds up the volume to your look.

If you are not conscious of such a thought, rest assured, it is a beautiful piece of model to have your hands on.

They are normally paired with leggings.

Chikankari/Lucknowi Kurti

It is another trendsetter Kurti made of chiffon or georgette material. They come in both regular form and Anarkali patterns.

As they are made of chiffon, you need to wear similar cotton fabric or satin inner-wear. The Kurti have all-over-hand-embroidered designs, which are highly appealing to view.

The embroideries design can be of any color, but the outfit looks super gorgeous on anyone wearing it.

It can be worn by all age groups of women irrespective of body type. You can wear along with palazzos, jeans, pants, leggings, etc.

Frock Kurti

Last but not least is the highly trending frock, Kurti. This type of Kurti is more like a western dress and worn without bottom wear. Hence they are used mostly by young girls in India.

The Kurti is fitted at the top portion of the body while flared below the waist. The length of the Kurti will be below the knees.

If you are not comfortable without wearing bottom wear, consider choosing shorts or leggings. It is widely used for casual functions.

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